Billboard Installation in Orlando. Florida

Times Square Billboard Installation

LED Billboard Installation

2 thoughts on “Billboard Installation in Orlando. Florida

  1. I remember decades ago I used to watch from my office window when the workers would replace a billboard. It took them a day, sometimes two.

    Now, not too far from me, is a set of three billboards that one of the Indian Casinos apparently owns or has under contract. They change the three of them each month yet I have never seen them do it. How do they do it so quickly? And three of them at the same time?

    • Good Morning Russel,

      Times have really changed it used to take me all day to paint a single billboard when they were hand painted then I was replace by computers and printer and vinyls. Today they can it takes a one or two men 1 or two hours to install a preprinted vinyl across a billboard. The billboards I hand painted for the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” in 1998 took me one to two days each to hand paint.

      Now that we have reached the age of digital technology it is even quicker than that. I can change the copy or arwork on several billboards in about 5 minutes or less from th conforts of my home or anywhere in the world that has Internet service.

      No telling what they will have next.

      Thomas “Tom” Gunter

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