Manyof us are bowed down by life, stressed, short of time, tired, on a treadmill,knowing that this isn’t the way to live, but not knowing how to free ourselvesup to live more fully, more abundantly. There are simple things we can do, theydon’t take time or money, they take a change of attitude. Here are 9 of them.

1.Being totally financially honest. 
Ifyou are not honest, this implies that there is not enough for you to haveeverything you need without dishonesty.

2.Creating a vacuum so that more good things can flow into it. 
Don’tfill your life up with things you don’t really want. Ask yourself if you wanteach thing before you buy it. Don’t have abundant rubbish, live abundantly byseeking out the things and experiences that work for you in your core being.

3.Tithing is often associated with religion, but it is also possible to tithe ina non-religious context.
Thisseems a really important aspect of living abundantly, every time you freelygive money away, you are implying that you are confident that more willcome,  this is a big positive affirmationwith a lot of power behind it. The traditional amount is 10% of your income.I’ve recommended this to lots of people, and they’ve told me that when they dothis and magically they seem to have more. I started with 10% but now I’veincreased it, because I’ve seen that the more I give away the more I get back,and the happier and more abundantly I live.

4.Being grateful for what you already have, focusing on the good that is alreadyin your life.
It’seasy to think about what you don’t have, spend some time each day thinkingabout what you have. Start each day by thinking of 5 things that you are gratefulfor and express this out loud.

5.Resentment, jealousy, envy and self-pity interfere with the free-flow ofabundance.
Ifyou are jealous or envious of someone, it implies that what they have is notavailable for you to have also

6.Forgiving those that have wronged you is part of living abundantly.
Holdingon to your anger, however justifiable it may seem, keeps you stuck in the past,rather than going forward into a better future. If it’s difficult to let go ofyour negative feelings, try writing a letter expressing all your anger, hurt orenvy. Write until you can write no more, and then burn it.

7.Being able to receive from other people.
Beingable to receive is healthy, but many people find it difficult. You may need topractice receiving. Think of the pleasure you get in giving. By not receivinggenerously you are denying other people the pleasure of giving.
8.Realize that in general ‘good luck’ plays a very small part in people’s life.

Ifyou put your faith in good luck, then you have to accept the possibility of badluck too.  People who put their faith in‘good luck’ often spend their lives waiting for things to happen. People whodon’t believe in luck go out and make things happen.
9.Believing that there is enough money, food, love, etc. in the world to meeteveryone’s needs to live abundantly.
Ileft this one untill the last, because it can be very hard to believe whenfaced with war and starvation in the newspapers and on the TV, but a lot ofthis anger and need is caused because people who have do not believe they haveenough, because they substitute money and food for all the other abundance oflife. Do your bit to correct that imbalance and start living a life thatrecognizes there are inequalities and shortages, but recognizes that we cancorrect that so we all have what we need.

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